Open new possibility to your leaders, teams and projects.



Meg is a Co-Active(tm) certified coach and has lived the C-suite, the help-desk and everything in between. An expert at establishing trust within your leadership team. Get the support you need no matter the stage of your growth.

Strategy + PLANNING

Execute your vision with a strategist who helps your team reconnect with its purpose and move forward wisely and quickly. Sessions use principles of participatory leadership and emergent strategy to accelerate planning.



Invite your group to have a game-changing experience and walk away transformed. For over a decade, Meg’s custom workshops create community, spawn businesses and spread joy.

Custom events to inspire and accelerate your people.


Unleash the best thinking your team has to offer with a custom off-site event. Whether for professional development, strategic planning, or a celebration of accomplishments— Meg will work closely with you to develop an event that will bring your community together in a new and profound way.

CASE STUDY: life(dot)next (pictured below) | A 9-event series that took place in cities across the US. These 3-day residential retreats were designed for women to assemble and imagine their creative empires. Using social facilitation techniques, experiential learning and performance; Meg created and delivered custom curricula to help inner artists take the next step towards their dreams. Over 75 women from 3 countries have participated since its inception in 2009. 


Nothing changes if nothing changes.


You are a storyteller. So is your team. Every day you compose your stories. Over and over. (Your very own 24-hour news cycle between the ears!) Let me help you rewrite the copy and make you, your team, your organization, your culture into the author of a bigger, better plot line. The one where everything turns out better than you even imagined...

Rah Rah Rah provides leadership, team and individual coaching on a sliding scale, remote or in-person (L.A.-based). Please click Contact above for more details.


What if you could talk to a nice human about IT?


Both Meg and Cory have built their careers on being humans that other humans enjoy talking to. It just so happens that they also know quite a lot about people and technology. Meg has over 18 years of experience directing software projects while Cory directs a creative team in e-sports. Our projects range from event design to big-picture IT strategy to change management and editing. We're also good at building sheds.